The Thundering Waraxes

“Sic balls, Waraxes”

If you were to ask a family member of any of the other dwarf clans, they would likely tell you that the Thundering Waraxes are a clan composed nearly entirely of suicidal lunatics. Irrational, tempestuous, barbaric, crass, rude; this clan is one that likes to drink, fight and fuck. Not exactly renowned for their politics, they are mainly used as a savage military force directed by another clans Thane.

The Waraxes charge into battle yelling blue bloody murder, swinging unnecessarily large weapons, and wearing little if any armour (or clothing for that matter.)

In appearance, they differ from other dwarves notably in their lack of clothing and excessive tattoos and piercings. They are also the only clan who cut or shave their beards, often into “racing stripes”, “tribal designs” or something equally as douchey.

The Thundering Waraxes

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