War of the Shifting Door

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The War of the Shifting Door was a catastrophic conflict that was fought across the landscape of the Greater Land. Approximately 2,000 years previous the the beginning of the adventure, a shift in magical energy ignited widespread malevolence and cruelty by those who utilized the power of the arcane until the world itself was scarred by untamed magical force. Six of Seven Dwarf Clans banded together as a military force to tear down The Shifting Door, and permanently destroy the natural world’s connection to the Astral Sea, Elemental Chaos, Feywild and Shadowfel; effectively cutting the world off from accessing magic.

The War was fought between the Six of Seven and the allied forces of the human Empire, the elves, and all other major mortal races.

The dwarves carved a swathe of destruction behind them as they left their mountain holds and crossed the Greater Land on their campaign. Only when they were defeated by the allied forces did the dwarves cease their heedless march.

As punishment, the Six of Seven were sentenced to a 400 year exile into the Bone Waste Desert, leaving behind a world crippled by their destructive onslaught. Crippled, the Empire fell. Starvation and disease ran rampant through the surviving civilizations. The races of the world retreated into their own corners of the world, hoping to make a life for themselves, or at least survive.

The exiled dwarves were never heard from again.

War of the Shifting Door

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