A small tropical island placed off the coast of the easternmost continent, The Greater Land. The island is shaped much like two hands cupping a palm of water. A bay is surrounded by vast hills, and is fed by the ocean through a narrow opening.

The island was home once home to one of the more prominent cities of the Empire of the Brethren, the human governed power that controlled the natural world prior to the War of the Shifting Door.

Now, after being repopulated by refugees after the war, the island and it’s ancient stronghold is ruled by the Kurrian elven family. King Veda is the elderly, sickly lord of the city who is desperately trying to maintain authority until his daughter, Princess Hedra is ready to take the throne. However, their is a dichotomy of power in this city, and the kingdoms power is undermined by the shady presence of The Kelpmarket and whispers of a man known only as The Provider.

The city on the bay, named simply Dasgar, is visibly divided between the gleaming white stone of the fortress walls and the shanty town built of rafts and boards lashed together on the bay.


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